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Do you imagine being the boss of your own outcome during a gameplay? This online casino game is just the right bet for you. VIP Spins brings you this interesting online slot game. Continue reading to discover more about Basic Spin Bingo VIP slots game. Boss the Lotto is a fun and entertaining game. The graphics of Boss the Lotto can compel anyone to play it as they are crispy with a glistening appearance. The theme of this game does not have the typical slot outlook, as it is lottery related. Boss the Lotto has a simple design that makes it player friendly. It is very easy to understand the rules and have a quality time during play.

This game is suitable for huge and low stakes, which can offer you huge payouts depending on the size of your budget. If you want to play Boss the Lotto, you can play it on Boss the Lotto is playable on mobile devices and desktop. For those who will love to play real money slots, Boss the Lotto VIP slots game is just the perfect game for you. Boss the Lotto has 49 balls in each of the game. 43 of these balls are good while 6 are bad. You stand a chance to wear a wide grin to the bank if you can hit 43 of the good balls without hitting the bad ones. On the left side of the screen, there is an indicator, which signals to the player how many balls that are remaining to swipe.

Boss the Lotto VIP slots game has an RTP of 91%, which is a good sign that it is a loving game to lay your hands on for nice rewards. Boss the Lotto has a minimum and maximum bet option of 1.00 and 10.00 respectively. After selecting the best range and placing a bet, you can press the START button to get things rolling. A green light turns on from left to right. Once you are close to your goldmine. This game largely hinges on luck so you have to be extremely careful to avoid hitting the bad balls. If you have been looking for real money slots that features an interesting gameplay and overall amazing experience, then you really need to try out the Gonzo Quest slot game. You are definitely going to enjoy every moment of the game.

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Gamevy, a subsidiary of NYX gaming group, powers Boss the Lotto. NYX gaming group is a gaming provider to over 200 operators globally. If you enjoy playing Boss the Lotto you can also play Diamond Deal. 

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Boss The Lotto Bonus Features

In Boss the Lotto, you can select a minimum of six balls to double your winning. This helpful bonus features will make the game more interesting.