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Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold is a 5 reels, 200 paylines online slot game by Barcrest. Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold has Wild, Scatter symbols, Free Spins, and Bonus Game features, and an RTP of up to 97.75%. We’re proud to offer Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold to players here at VIP Spins, where we also feature more than 500 fantastic UK mobile VIP slots including Starburst, Chilli Heat, Rainbow Riches and Fluffy Favourites.

Any seasoned mobile VIP slots player won't need any introduction to the Rainbow Riches family of slots. Barcrest struck gold when they released the first of their famous Irish-themed slots in 2006, and they've been coming back with sequels and fresh takes on the theme ever since. There's now a Rainbow Riches slot to suit every player and every mood. In Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold, Barcrest is appealing to the type of gamer who likes sophisticated bonus features and variety in their gameplay.

In basic terms, the theme and inspiration for this 2018 release are the same as the theme and inspiration for the whole franchise it belongs to. All the Rainbow Riches mobile slots happen in a vivid and whimsical Irish world, where everything is bright and colorful. Every Irish stereotype you can think of is here, from a leprechaun to a pot of gold. The background music in Drops of Gold is particularly catchy, so be prepared for the jaunty Irish jig to get stuck in your head as you play.

Each entry in the Rainbow Riches series contains something that marks it out as being different from its predecessors. Drops of Gold has gone for an expanded 5x4 layout, which sits directly below a second 5x4 layout, meaning there are technically ten rows in play at all times. It's not as complicated as you might fear; we'll explain what that second set of reels is doing when we come to the bonuses. For now, just enjoy the fact that it's sat in a beautiful rainbow, hovering in the sky between some leafy trees!

The standard reels - which we have to admit feel a little bit cramped by having to share the screen with what's above them - sit in front of a lush green field. On them, you'll find royal symbols 10 to A representing the low values, and then a series of more valuable symbols which appear to belong to our leprechaun friend; a harp, a fiddle, and some mushrooms. The slot's own logo is the most valuable basic symbol.

There aren’t very many symbols in the base game. If there were, they’d get in the way of your chances of triggering the bonus features, which are what the slot is really all about. If you’re looking for wilds, you’ll find them all in the rainbow above the standard reels. There are two wilds in Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold; silver pots, and golden pots. They’ll come tumbling out of the rainbow during the bonus features (hence the name ‘drops of gold’). The silver wild can replace any other symbol apart from the bonus to create wins for you. The gold wild trumps that, and even replaces the bonus symbol. The bonus itself is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, just in case you didn’t feel like you’d seen enough Irish stereotypes already! We’ve mentioned the bonus features several times now, so we should look at them in more detail.

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Barcrest has been serving players since 1968. That's when they started their business in the UK, manufacturing and selling physical slot machines for casinos, bars and pubs. They've changed a few times since then as they've progressed into the digital age, but we're glad that they're still here to serve UK mobile slots players.

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Although they still release slots under the ‘Barcrest' name, they're actually no the property of Scientific Gaming. The American firm decided they wanted to expand into the British market in 2011, and bought a slew of classic gaming names from the past in order to help them do so. Bally was one, but perhaps more significantly, Barcrest was another.

By that point, Barcrest had already released the first Rainbow Riches mobile VIP slots game, which came out in 2006. The value of that franchise alone was worth millions, so it was no surprise to anyone when the total value of the deal which saw Barcrest sold to SG came in with a price of well over one billion pounds. The sort of expertise that Barcrest provide doesn’t come cheaply!

Rainbow Riches Drops Of Gold Bonus Features

As we said earlier, this VIP slots game is really all about the bonus features. Barcrest has been able to keep this franchise alive for so long by finding ways to offer players something different each time they release a new version, and Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold doesn't disappoint.

Making the wilds falling out of the rainbow is known as the Drops of Gold Bonus, and all you need to do to trigger it is land the symbol which bears the slot’s logo anywhere on the fifth reel. When that’s done, all the wilds currently in the rainbow will replace the symbols in the equivalent position on the standard reels. If the rainbow was crowded when you landed the required symbol, a good win should be inevitable.

The bonus symbol provides access to Free Spins. Landing at least three of the symbols anywhere in view will get you eight free spins, although that increases by four spins for each extra symbol. The Drops of Gold bonus can activate during free spins to combine the two features together, and the feature can also be re-triggered the same way it started.

If you’d like to increase your chances of triggering the bonus features, you might want to accept Barcrest’s offer of a Big Bet. It will cost you £20 to place the bet, but in return you get a double-high logo symbol on the fifth reel, boosting your chances of causing the rainbow to drop its valuable payload onto the reels below. On top of that, with Big Bet in play, the rainbow is guaranteed to contain more wilds. When it does drop, it will drop in a big way!

If you’re a high-stakes player, you can go further and take a £30 big bet instead. That does everything the £20 big bet does, but it also removes the playing card symbols from the reels completely. That means when the wilds land, any winning lines they create will be made up of valuable symbols only, and so the winnings will be even better. For a £50 Big Bet, an additional 100 paylines become active. That’s how the 97.75% RTP is possible - in the standard game, it sits at 96%. Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold is a dynamic and exciting mobile slots game which is totally worthy of the Rainbow Riches name.