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Best Cashback Bonuses for UK Casinos

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As more online casinos are launched daily into the UK gambling market, the newest welcome bonus offer is now more common on the block - cashback bonus.  Top bettors, exceptionally high rollers.

The cashback bonus is one of the best offers you can get as a UK casino player.  Imagine getting a double of your first deposit back, which you can use to increase your chances of getting huge cash wins.  Some other type of cashback allows players to get a percentage of their bonus back if they lose their bet on vip slots.

Top UK online casinos that offer this type of bonus are rare, and that's why VIP spins casino is one of a kind because they make this bonus their main package when you sign up at their casino, compared to others who make it a side attraction.  Getting money back after your deposit is one of the top offers anyone can get.

Why VIP Spins Casino offers Cashback Bonuses

Since many online casinos in the UK shy away from offering the cashback bonus for their players, there should be a reason why VIP spins casino take this as their major perk to their new players.  This casino is all about the players, and they probably want to show the players that they are concerned with their overall welfare and are glad that they chose to play at their casino amid other UK online casinos.

Since the casino is all about the players’ welfare, no wagering requirements are attached to the bonus.  So they can do whatever they want with the bonus.  An average percentage gotten from this bonus is within 10 and 20%.  You should study the terms and conditions of the casinos you want to play to know the exact amount returned to you as a cashback bonus.

How UK 2021 Casinos Cashback Bonus Work

One of the major ways a cashback bonus works is by losing the first bet before the plate can claim the bonus.  Players with a losing bet can get up to 20% of their initial stake.  You don't need to be scared that you'll lose everything when you bet at VIP spins casino, you're sure of; you're something back that you can use to place on other bets.  For this reason, the UK casinos cashback bonus is more popular than many other casino bonuses.  What's more, there's no demanding wagering requirement that is usually seen with other types of bonuses offered by UK casinos.

Types of Cashback Bonuses offered by UK Online Casinos

There are different types of these bonuses, and it is easy for the UK casino player to claim them.  Playing with real money at online casinos is thrilling but risky because nothing is guaranteed.  With the cashback bonus offered by VIP spins casino, you're confident of percentages when you place a bet.

There are three general types of cashback bonuses offered by UK online casinos.  They include:

Welcome Bonus

This type of bonus is offered exclusively to new players who just registered and made their first real money deposit.  The idea behind online UK casinos offering new UK players a welcome bonus is to reward them for signing up and committing to their casino.  It is also restricted to players who have made a deposit.

This attractive bonus is part of the VIP spins casino that encourages new players to keep playing.  This bonus usually comes in free spins for the players to play at a specified slot game chosen by the casino.

Cashback Bonus

The cashback bonus, as stated, is the main bonus package offered by VIP spins casino and is likely the reason why they have lots of loyal players at their casino.  Not all online casinos provide it every time, so seeing it as a regular package is rare.

This type of bonus gies players a type of insurance that if they lose their first bet, they will be awarded a percentage of their initial stake.  Getting 10-20% of your initial bet is not done by all online casinos running in the UK, so you should grab the offer from VIP spins casino as fast as possible.  Because this offer does not come with any wagering requirement, you can use it to get the best out of low house edge casino games like the Online Roulette and Online Blackjack.

Deposit Match Bonus

The deposit match bonus is offered to new casino players who have made the first deposit, just like the welcome bonus.  The difference between this bonus and the welcome bonus offer is that UK players get a certain percentage of their deposit back immediately after their real money deposit has been received.

Another difference is that this bonus is usually extended to the second, third and even fourth deposits.  However, they typically have a strict wagering requirement attached with a time limit that must be fulfilled before players withdraw their bonus winnings.

How to Claim UK Online Casino Cashback Bonus

To claim the cashback bonus offered by rare and genuine UK online casinos like the VIP spins casino, you need to place a first time bet with real money.  This offer is only triggered when this bet placed is lost and confirmed by the computer algorithm.  The percentage returned differs from casino to casino, and you can find out the exact percentage in the terms and conditions attached.

In addition, there are select games on which this bonus can be used.  Ensure you find out which games count under the cashback bonus package.

You don't need a bonus code to claim this offer since it is automatic.  Once the bet is confirmed lost, the system will automatically credit your account with the percentage, free of wagering requirements.

Some online casinos offer this package to their new players only, while others extend it to their existing players with even higher percentages as part of their reward programs.

There are many advantages when you get this bonus playing at VIP spins casino.  For one, the effect of losing a bet is reduced when you get free money to try your luck again at another bet.  Other major pros include:

  • No wagering requirements attached
  • No time limits where you must play with the bonus before it expires
  • Simple to use
  • No bonus codes are needed to activate it.
  • Both new and existing players can enjoy it as a sign of reward for being loyal


Are cashback bonuses offered automatically?

Yes.  Cashback bonuses are offered automatically at VIP spins casinos.  You don't need any special bonus codes to enter and claim them.

What is the difference between the welcome bonus and the cashback bonus?

Welcome bonuses for UK online casinos are designed exclusively for new players and are usually offer free spins.  They come with specific terms and conditions to be played on a slot game chosen by the casino.  Cashback bonuses are provided when the player loses his first bet.  It is not restricted to new players alone as some casinos like VIP spin casino offer the same bonus as a reward program to their regular players.

How regular are the cashback bonuses?

It depends on the casino operator and the software developer/provider.  Some casinos offer it weekly, monthly or daily.