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What are Slot Tournaments

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Slot tournaments are exciting for UK casino players to get more extra reward points. They provide a competitive edge to the players, and the players also enjoy these contests because they are easy to join and stand a chance to win lots of prizes with just a small entry fee.

There are many tournaments one can join and win huge cash prizes at VIP spins casino. So read on to find tips on becoming the next VIP slots tournament champion.

How UK Online Slots Tournaments Work

Hearing the word “tournaments'’ may sound complicated, but they are accessible and straightforward to play. In a slot tournament, the players are awarded a slot machine number when they register for the tournament. They also get a specified amount of credits with a time limit to play. Any player who accumulates the highest amount of coins will be the winner.

Slot tournaments are a way for the players to compete against each other to get coins as a prize. In these contests, the goal is the same: spin the slot wheels, and get more points each time you win.

This slot tournament is restricted to online slot sites, and many retail casinos also organise them for their players. While the tournament’s objective is the same, the slot game will permanently be changed each time the contest is organised. All types of slots are engaged, from video to progressive slots and the classic Vegas slots.

Any UK online casino player interested in playing at the contest must pay a certain amount (which differs from casino to casino). Some casinos use this entry fee to deliver the cash prize, usually huge. If a retail casino charges a player £100 as an entry fee, the cash prize could be £10,000. One important feature with this kind of tournament is players at different positions get rewards, up to the tenth position.

Asides from getting cash rewards, other types of prizes awarded by online slot casinos include (Full Ts & Cs Apply):

  • Free spins
  • Free casino coins
  • Free entry for raffle draws
  • No deposit bonuses

Rules Governing UK Online Tournament

Most of the rules governing the slot tournaments at UK online casinos border mostly on time limits and the credits offered to players who enter the competition. You should go through the rules first before paying the entry fees. These rules differ from casino to casino. Some of the general regulations known include:

  • Play only within the time limit allowed. No matter the number of credits given, you may forfeit them to the house if the time lapses.
  • You cannot buy extra coins or credits to use during the tournament, and the system will not allow you to use purchased coins for the competition. You can buy coins for use on the regular game slots.
  • No matter the amount of credit offered, make sure you use everything. You cannot use coins or credits provided to you for the competition for classic games. If you still have remnants at the end of the game, all of them will be withdrawn from your bonus account immediately.
  • Do not exit the competition page. If you skip the page, you could lose all progress recorded. Wait for the system to record your wins before leaving the tournament page.

Online Slot Tournaments for UK Slot Sites

 There are different variants of slot tournaments commonly seen on UK online slot sites. Some of them may look familiar, but there are still distinct differences. Some of the standard online slots seen include:

Freeroll Tournaments

As the name suggests, this slot tournament is free for all casino players to partake in. They are the most common and usually offered as a part of the welcome packages for the new UK players (Full Ts & Cs Apply). Winners of this contest get the casino currency as a prize, which can be converted to real money. Since there are no fees required to enter the tournament, you’ll need to register in advance since the players have limited spaces.

Scheduled Tournaments

This tournament is used as part of the casino’s marketing strategy. The casino will make announcements, stating relevant information about it with the potential prizes, including when it is supposed to start and end.

This is a basic tournament and is used to attract players to register at the casino and sign up for the game. After registering, you need to pay the entry fees before you can partake. This contest sees the best users sharing the spoils, and the number of winners differs from casino to casino too.

Reloader Tournaments

The reloader tournament allows all players who have played and finished their time to sign up and play again. If you had a chance to play and your time expired or ran out of coins or credits, you can purchase extra time to try and increase your points.

The rule of this tournament that differs from one casino to another is whether a player can pay to continue from where he stopped or has to start again.

Sit & Go Tournaments

This contest has a limited number of participants allowed for the competition, and once the number is filled, entry is closed, and the tournament starts. It also has a short time allocated for each session, allowing the casino to admit as many players as possible.

Alternative Slot Tournaments

These tournaments are unique and not as regular as the others. A typical example of this type of tournament is the one sponsored by a software provider, and all slot games developed by them are eligible to be entered for the contest.

All the player needs to do is register at a competent slot casino like VIP spins casino and open the slot title to enter the contest.


The slot tournaments are the best way to gain cash prizes at the top UK online slot sites. Players can earn good casino coins and use them to withdraw. This is why many UK players trust VIP spins casinos because of their reliability in paying the correct amount on time. With just £10 as a minimum deposit, players can get up to 500 free spins to use and play at a specified slot (Full Ts & Cs Apply).