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There are online slot games of all themes and bonuses but what if you wanted to play something ancient, filled with mythologies dating back to thousands of years back, and, of course, war.

Fortunes Of Sparta Overview

Whether you’re a history fan or not; the fact that you are familiar with the famous film 300 or not, you know for a fact that historical online slots have a charm of their own. It’s not like you have to know everything about historical figures of act to play Fortunes of Sparta.

It’s filled with ancient symbols and features that will make you feel as if you’re in the ancient Sparta, the famous and prosperous city of ancient Greece that had the bravest warriors, both men and women! While playing the game, you will feel as if there was a slot machine in Spartasome thousands of years ago and you’re playing to win. That is, however, the least to say about Fortunes of Sparta.

The game has 5 Reels, 3 Rows, and 20 Paylines with an RTP of 97.04%. Unlike other games, this game has 9 symbols which include A battle ship, an Urn, A Spartan Woman, Helmet, Swords, Spartan Warriors (Two), Armor, and a Shield.

The Wild and Scatter symbols are Temple and Spartan respectively. The Bonus symbol is Omega.


Play Fortunes Of Sparta

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If you are interested in playing games of all kinds of themes, RTP and features, VIP Spins is the place to go.


Fortunes Of Sparta Bonus Features

While there are so many high symbols, and the fact that you can score so much, which will be shown later, you have to be careful about the streaks and its position.

The Streak symbol has to land in the middle reed only to enter the bonus feature. Once you have managed to put it in the middle, you’ll have the access to spin all you want until you score a win!

Probably the best thing about Fortunes of Sparta is its crazy number of spins. It’s really the number of streaks that matter in getting the number of spins. For 3 Scatters, you get to win 8 spins! For 4 Streaks, 10. It gets crazy when you score 8-9 streaks because that gets you 50 FREE SPINS. Add just 1 MORE STREAK and you’ll be able to have 100 FREE SPINS!

If that’s not all, Streaks can be scored anywhere in the reel. They’re not restricted to just one reel or row, they can be anywhere! Also, the winning combination remains throughout the same.


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